"ProSteamerCarpetCleaner did a superb job in cleaning my carpet, sewing new fringes on and measuring the padding just right. Stains I thought would never come out are no longer there."
"I was impressed with the service from the first phone call through to the carpet being cleaned."
Carpet Cleaning Arlington Heights


Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner offers a professional carpet cleaning in Arlington Heights, IL . We have top of the range extractor machines for professional carpet cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning service team is fully trained and highly skilled in carpet cleaning, including stain removal and pet odor treatment. Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner provides a unique carpet cleaning system with 100% customer satisfaction.

Call Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner at 1-847-637-0025 for a FREE, no obligation quote! We will be glad to help!

Effective tips for carpet cleaning - Watch Youtube video




Each Room
$3.00 per step
Carpet Deodorizing
$15.00 per room (optional)
Carpet Sanitizing & Disinfecting
$20.00 per room (optional)
Carpet Protector 
$25.00 per room (optional)
" Power Booster "
$20.00 per room (optional)





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